Smoke Vent/AOV Systems

Nirvana Electrical Ltd carry out maintenance and repair work to a wide range of automatic and manual operated smoke vent systems.

Smoke vents are commonly fitted in residential apartment blocks to keep escape and access routes free from smoke.

Regular maintenance of both automatic and manual systems is paramount to reliability and performance. The system should be maintained on a six monthly Bi-annual basis to ensure correct operation.


Maintenance and Servicing

Manual Opening Vent (MOV)

All manual controls are tested to ensure the actuator arms are fully extended and the vent opens to maximum capacity.

The equipment is then returned to the closed position and checked. Control panels are checked for correct operation and all power supplies and backup batteries are tested.


Automatic Opening Vent (AOV)

In addition to the checks carried out for manual opening vents, smoke detectors are operated to ensure automatic opening of the vents


Reporting faults

Any faults identified are recorded in the on-site logbook and reported to the responsible person.

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