Values & Culture


Integrity is about always acting in ways that are consistent with high ethical standards both personally and professionally. We are honest, keep our promises, and demonstrate our commitment to ethical values in all that we say and do.



Respect is about treating all people with dignity and in ways that recognize their values. Being respectful of others means breaking down the barriers between “us” and “them”.



Transparent businesses are attractive to both employees and clients and by offering this it removes barriers that are all too often found that create difficulties rather than achieving goals.



Leadership is about identifying new ways to conduct our business. This includes our ability to challenge the traditional things we have been doing and find new ways to work that are innovative, better, more efficient and more effective. Leaders take risks, inspire others and help create a workplace culture that honours our values.



Safety is important at Nirvana Electrical and we believe all accidents are preventable, so we do everything safely and responsibly or not at all.



Sustainability can be achieved by striving to be better, smarter and more innovative. We operate ethically, taking the long-term view to achieve growth whilst safeguarding the environment.